Expressionism Art by Isabelle Ferron Marchand

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Ferron Studio

HELLO!    I am Isabelle Ferron Marchand.

I’m  an Expressionism visual artist based in Canada. My artistic practice extends over many fields as painting, collage, photography and digital art.

Ferron contemporary canadian visual artist.

Are you intrigued by colforful textured paint?

In general, my paintings have texture. It looks like sublime leaves with complex venation. By mixing several colors together by pure luck, we can obtain surprising effects which can turn out to be extraordinary.

I like to see the effect that light produces on reliefs or small mounds of paint. The result brings a whole new dimension to the work of Art.

Whether we observe this work in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening, it releases other emotions and animates us differently.

Also, you will discover on this site many examples of abstract expressionism artworks where the texture is present.

Invest in Original and Unique Artworks

Expressionism Artworks

Add Soul And Life Into Your Home

My works of art are original and unique. They are created with great passion.

Art is an essential food that makes our life more pleasant. By creating an environment according to your tastes, you will maximize your inner satisfaction. Soak up this beautiful energy, you will be a winner.

Your works can grow in value over time.

Explore my Abstract Expressionism Artworks

Superbe Paintings Series

Here is my version of “The Embrace”. The painting depicts a couple embracing each other. The intertwined bodies of these lovers demonstrate passion and undeniable love. Time no longer matters.

Blue, blue love is blue. This work is created with black, white, ocher and with a magnificent royal blue that stands out and makes all the difference.

Ferron Studio. The Embrace, textured acrylic painting created by Isabelle Ferron Marchand. 48
Original and unique photography

Amazing Photography Series

Here is one of my versions of the coastline. “Red Sand Ripples”. It’s modern. It’s original and unique. It is bringing personality to my memory spent along this beloved sea. The chosen red is powerful and vibrant. It invokes the passion and love of this amazing place in Maine.

Explore “Sand Ripples“.