Art acrylic paint texture with bright colors

Canadian Visual Artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand

Who am I?

                     Well, I’m going to describe myself as if I’m composing a song. One of those songs that tell the story of life. I like to believe that I am authentic. In any case, I’m all there. 

My life is not a poem.
I live it like everyone else.
I prefer to talk about the positive.

Abstract texture created by Visual Artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand
Visual Artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand at her very first solo exhibition.

My very first solo exhibition in Montreal in 2014.

Ferron canadian visual artist with her first piano.

Life is so beautiful, so beautiful.
I am dynamic.
I am an artist in the depths of my being.

I am a musician.
I am a pianist.
I’m a trumpeter, let’s say, I was a trumpeter.
But I’ll tell you, I’m nothing like a writer.

My passion is art.
Art is powerful.
It is energizing.
It gives meaning to my life.
It tells life.
It healed.
It gives lessons.

Abstract Expressionism Visual Artist

My passion is to create.
I give life to original and unique pieces of art.
I express myself by Abstract Art Expressionism.
Creation allows me to flourish.
In creation, there is nothing bad.

My passion is travel.
The journey is inspiring.
It is a breath of life that enriches our self.

I love water.
I love the sea.

Canadian Visual Artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand Digital Art representing the face of a young and sweet teenager. Black, white and red color. Contemporary artwork.

Canadian artist

I am born in Louiseville, Quebec, which is in Canada.
Now, I’m living in Drummondville in a small and beautiful city.
I am French-speaking.
I love to speak others foreign languages.

I love to dance.
I love to walk.
I love to move.
I love life, what.


Isabelle Ferron Marchand

“Ferron” is the pseudonym of Isabelle Marchand, whose father, a doctor, is died when she was barely eleven years old. She then grew up with her mother who, more than raising her six children alone, becomes a prolific painter under her name daughter “Ferron”, pseudonym in this case that Isabelle takes as artist name.

The latter was born in 1962 in Louiseville, in the county of Maskinongé. She spent her childhood in this city until the age of twelve, while following her mother who moves to Trois-Rivières.

In her childhood, Isabelle starts taking piano lessons from the age of four, for a period of about ten years, which contributes to developing an artistic sensitivity in her. She remembers that already, very young, she noticed and admired the work of the painter Italian Antonio Cianci in the magnificent Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue church in her parish, work that made her dream and stimulated her imagination.

Her love for the arts developed very early with the influence of one of her older brothers, currently holding a doctorate, which introduces her to great artists: Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonard de Vinci, Picasso, Dali, Marcelle Ferron, Pellan, Borduas, Fortin and Suzor-Côté, to name a few.

She moved to Drummondville in 1993 where she worked until recently as a variable imaging programmer in a printing house, while indulging in her passion for the visual arts, especially painting.

Her artistic “adventure” really began in 2013, when she became a member of the Guild of artists in the region of this city. She then becomes member of AXART, Artistic Solidarity Cooperative of the MRC of Drummondville.

She participates in numerous group exhibitions in Quebec and already has several solos to her credit.

Many works by this artist are now part of private collections in Canada, the United States and in several European countries.

Like many artists living far from major centers, devoting herself solely to her art is then hardly achievable. Even if she created arts regularly while holding a job in a business in her city, she recently ends up living full time her passion for the visual arts and she does it with fervor and renewal.

Bocca Baciata


Abstract Expressionism Artwork created on canvas,
36″ x 48″ x 1.5″.

canadian visual artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand self portrait. Bocca Baciata

Are you interested in my artistic journey?

Well, you can take a look at my artist statement which includes, among other things, my process of creating art and you can also consult my curriculum vitae which lists numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Bright Colors painting