Art acrylic paint texture with bright colors

Abstract Expressionism - Isabelle Ferron Marchand

Isabelle Ferron Marchand is a self-taught Abstract Expressionism Visual Artist who loves to create art and travel.

In fact, traveling is very inspiring. Seeing the world improves her vision and increases her energy. More importantly, it gives her new creative project ideas and a lot of new perspectives.

Ferron process of making art is intuitive. She creates a surreal world. She is inspired by nature.

Art acrylic paint texture with bright colors
Sand ripples on Maine beach at sunrise. Picture taken by Canadian visual artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand.

Sunrise in Maine

Ferron is inspired by Pareidolia Phenomenon

In her case, abstraction manages to bring out the phenomenon that is called “Pareidolia” (paredolia). Stains create a link with her life. The brain corrects the incomplete observations. It is based on the past experiences without however giving accuracy and reality. She takes care not to ignore seeing shapes, faces and patterns. Ferron follows her intuitions.

She thinks that if she pays attention, her eyes, her brain and her life experience become accomplices and generate a whole imaginative universe without limits. This is how she can creates stories through all these tasks.

For example, if she sees a face in a stain, she expresses it and accentuates the details. She remains free to spontaneously choose the path to follow. The artist tries not to think and let the gesture guide her movement. Surprises do wonders. Art, in her case, is unpredictable.

Pareidolia Hoodoo painting created by Isabelle Ferron Marchand It is inspired by the pareidolia phenomenon and the Grand Canyon landscape.

Hoodoo” painting created by Ferron. Hoodoos are natural structures sculpted by wind and environment elements that could be found for example in The Grand Canyon in U.S.

Expressing emotions through painting and photography

Abstract Red sand ripples created by visual artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand.
Red Sand Ripples” picture captured in Maine U.S. and wall background picture taken in Burano, Italy.
Art acrylic paint texture with bright colors

She not only wants to give intensity to the subject but also, she wishes to recreate an atmosphere filled with emotions and soul, reaching the viewer.

In general, Ferron works on several projects simultaneously because to make one artwork she needs to use several sheets of paper. She paints randomly on these pieces of paper and she applies them on the canvas. The process of pressure is referring to the sand ripples.

Isabelle Ferron Marchand has always been fascinated by these geometric patterns carved by the waves on the sand by the sea. Pressure intuitively on the acrylic paint gives mysterious patterns and the result is often fabulous.

Stunning texture created by pressure on the paint

Inspired by Nature

Texture is actually present almost on every piece of work. This texture can be compared to this complex and fabulous veining of the leaves. Nature awakens among Ferron’s works. She is captivated and inspired this nature. Mixing several colors arbitrarily gives a great and surprising result. In addition, this texture is catching light thus it gives a new dimension to the artwork.

In her paintings, you can find a mix of transparency, opacity, contrast, shape, geometric patterns, skin paint and new colors created. She uses acrylic and oil paint.