Abstract Paintings
Inspired by Nature

This series is inspired by the majestic landscapes found in the Grand Canyon region of Arizona. It is a place that I have not visited yet, but I hope that I will very soon. I create an imaginative world, for a world that I would like to see one day.

These abstract paintings are inspired by nature. Inspired by these sumptuous arid landscapes of the United States. Colors are vibrant and full of life. They give intensity and energy to the subject.

Abstract Paintings Inspired by Nature. Painting
I Feel Good Series Painting

I Feel Good

When I will visit the Grand Canyon, I wonder if I will feel like I am on the planet Mars. This warm color of the rocks which contrasts with the intense blue of the sky immediately seduced me. It is for this reason that this small series is born.

I Feel Good Gallery

Life Is Fantasy

You can also find others beautiful abstract artworks with bright colors in my series “Life is Fantasy”.  Just take a look.

Abstract paintings in Life is Fantasy Series.