Powerful Abstract Artworks

Why black?

The choice of making a series about Black Colour for my abstract art is very simply. I LOVE this colour. 

Well, black gives a lot of dimension and depth to my abstract works. It is an elegant and sophisticated colour. It is classic and represents a power accepted by society in general.

This colour is synonymous with strength, self-confidence, seriousness, professionalism, insurance, bravery, but also security and safety. Yes, the certainty that everything will be fine. Nothing will go wrong. The best of us will come out and make us look good in the eyes of others, because the image of us is what matters most.

Powerful abstract artworks. Gold, black and white textured acrylic art on paper created by visual artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand
Black And Gold, textured gold, black and white ink, acrylic art on paper created by visual artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand. Abstract artworks.

The Effect Is Just Wow!

So, the gesture and the application of black in a painting gives a demarcated, vigorous and energetic effect.

Black with another more vibrant colour gives intensity and personality to the artwork. This other colour is highlighted, underlined and accentuates by the black colour. We notice it from far away.

Abstract Artworks Gallery

Love Black Colour. Mystic Flower Of My Heart, artwork on paper created by Isabelle Ferron Marchand. From Soulmate Series. Expressionism Art. Creative Process of Soulmate series explained.

Black Artworks

You can also find others abstract artworks where Black colour is very present. Soulmate Series is a good example. You can discover some minimalism works.

Philosophy of Love from Soulmate series. Abstract art on paper created by Isabelle Ferron Marchand. Expressionism Art.