Energizing Bright Colors

This abstract expressionism series is based on bright and vibrant colors. She is joyful. The color contrast is impressive. Life is Fantasy is living positively and having an optimistic view of the future. This series is energizing and full of life.

Amazing Texture

The texture that we notice on the works is created at the base with acrylic mediums. This texture gives an unusual dimension to the work. It surprises and comes to resemble to nature. For example, it is reminiscent of leaf veins. Curious patterns are created.
Energizing Bright Colors. Acrylic abstract painting with texture
Life is Fantasy Series. Texture Abstract painting

What is Fantasy?

According to dictionaries, it is the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable. These unlikely things one day, however, often become reality. Jules Verne’s journey to the moon was very imaginative of his time, but came true.

Life Is Fantasy” Series is for me the pleasure of creating without restriction. It’s creating and staying free without worrying about the style in vogue these days.

Life Is Fantasy Gallery

Bright Colors painting

Bright Colors Series

You can also find others abstract artworks where energizing bright color is very present. I Feel Good Series is a good example. You can discover some works that looks surreal.