In the paintings section, you will discover contemporary paintings created by the Canadian visual artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand. These works are classified by series, so you can explore pieces of the same style.

Contemporary artworks Grey Bird, textured acrylic art on paper created by visual artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand
Paintings with texture.

Paintings With
A Lot Of Texture

You will notice that there is a lot of texture on most of the paintings made by Ferron. She applies painting colors generously. The licked works are not part of her style. It really puts the emphasis on this supplement of paint.

This texture is amazing. Looking at it more closely, you can sometimes compare it to lace. The patterns are different from one time to another depending on the gesture. This texture, this gesture and this movement for her creations are inspired by the sand ripples sculpted by the sea.

Painting Colors

The colors of Ferron’s paintings are varied. You will find so many warm, cold and dark colors. In general, the colors are in acrylic or oil, however the artist does not stop there. She touches on watercolor, ink, charcoal, and others. Finally, anything that can stain the canvas or paper. She likes to explore to find new avenues. She always seeks to go further in the development of her art.

She is not afraid to take risks. 

Painting A Golden Future Awaits You, textured acrylic art on paper created by Isabelle Ferron Marchand. Gold, black and white artwork.
Artworks Fragments Of Undefined Ideas, textured acrylic painting on canvas created by contemporary visual artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand.

Stunning Artworks

Ferron’s works are both close to nature while retaining a structural aspect. Artworks of Isabelle Ferron Marchand are original and unique. Discover her potential as an artist.