Overview of Contemporary Artist Ferron Portfolio

Explore the portfolio of contemporary artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand which is presented by series. You will find in this section a brief description of her works in visual arts. The choice to present her works in series is a matter of  homogeneity.

Artworks are divided into two parts: paintings series and photography series.

Works of art

About my Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art

In the painting section, you can find contemporary Abstract Expressionism works on canvas, on wood, on paper, digital and eventually you will discover 3D works as well as paper collages.

Actually many of my works currently include acrylic collage. Nothing is lost. I try to keep and not throw away the excess acrylic to better create other works. Besides, I get a lot of small objects that could have been thrown away, but instead I hope to be able to use them for future creations.

I mainly paint in acrylic, but also in oil. But I touch, watercolour, ink, wine, coffee, tea, earth, grass, plants, finally anything that can stain and keep the colour if well preserved.

I work simultaneously on several projects at the same time. I may be scattering myself, but if I have an idea, I don’t want to give it up and I start this project. I have projects started for years, but they will come back soon enough.

About Photography Works

I often have a camera in my hand, but the subject that interest me the most is the seaside. I try to discover the hidden, but also what we do not detect because that it’s obvious and prominently displayed. The existence of the landscape that we no longer see. I try to photograph the difference. I love to create Surreal World.

Contemporary Artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand. Photography

“Legs shadow on the beach”