Sea view. Sand Ripples. Copper sand ripples at sunrise, Maine by Isabelle Ferron Marchand

Abstract Art

My dearest wish  when I was a child was to see the sea one day. Yes, this sea whose waves like gigantic giants smashed the reefs or simply caressed the beach. The comings and goings of water which progresses and which regresses like life.

These wrinkles gradually drawn on the sand accentuating and disappearing. Life is such.

This life full of strength, power and energy. This life which wrinkles at the back and forth of time. This life which ends up disappearing.

The Sea, The Sculptor

Studendous patterns

Fortunately, the sea never tires of waving its thousand tentacles on the banks. The sea like a sculptor creates magnificent abstract art. These abstractions wet and colored by light. These wavy shapes following an indeterminate course or a stupendous pattern. These patterns are fascinating.

I love to observe these masterpieces sculpted by the sea. I engrave them in memory. I photograph them. I am totally inspired by these landscapes.

Patterns Sand Ripples created by visual artist Isabelle Ferron Marchand
Abstract Art. Golden sand ripples at sunrise, Maine by Isabelle Ferron Marchand

Natural Patterns and I

Sand Ripples, My Inspiration

The subject of my series is based on the incredible power of the sea. This sea creates superb natural patterns on the edge of the beach and it is this magnificent setting that attracts me and appeals to me enormously. I took thousands of shots. Here are a few.

The power of the sea that builds these countless patterns. It is fantastic to observe the differences obtained from one day to the next in the same places each time. These sand ripples are incredible. They are both solid and frail.

Amazing Abstract

This series of works represents the way I reconstruct these natural sculptures by giving them another vocation. I’m going to look for the subject closely, so I give privacy. The details arise. These patterns become huge blocks. I create abstract art through shapes and the play of lights. I touch up the colors. I give birth to my new perception and a new world.

Patterns sand ripples by the sea, Maine by Isabelle Ferron Marchand

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Patterns Or Abstract?